Week 0 Update

Every week, we chronicle the small steps we took in the journey to build a series of great multiplayer games.

Kate is still in pharmacy school while I have a full time job, so our progress may not be as fast as some may expect.


Investigated Universal Rendering Pipeline

I read about the pros and cons of URP vs. HDRP vs. Standard rendering pipelines. Apparently URP is still a little new compared to the standard pipeline, but it’s supposed to be the “future”. I decided to build the game using URP – hopefully it works out well.

Downloaded assets from Unity Lunar New Year sale

I learned about the concept of bootstrapping a Unity project with game assets from the store. Fortunately, there was a Lunar New Year Mega Sale bundle including many game-ready assets at a massive 96% discount, specifically POLYGON’s Knights Pack and Layer Lab’s GUI PRO Kit. I’ll use these assets to quickly build a demo game.

Watched Unity tutorials

I had many questions:

  • How do I publish to both iOS and Android?
  • How do game physics, lighting, and animation work?
  • What are the best practices in project architecture when building a game in Unity?
  • What do I need to know about C#? Up to this point, I’ve never used C# before.
  • What is the interplay between using a UI vs. code to produce a game scene?

I found tutorials on Youtube and subscribed to CG Cookie for insight into how game developers structured their game.

BONUS: Character development

Kate has started developing the first concept art of the characters in the game. Users will choose one of these egg characters to battle in the arena. She has also started a few Blender tutorials.

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