Update #2

Development has been progressing slowly but surely, while design has stalled. Kate is busy studying for pharmacy school exams so she cannot focus on designing as much. Highlights: Implemented server-side logic using Playfab: placement increases variable number of trophies and coins based off of performance Set up Cloud Build and tested on iOS, WebGL, Mac,… Continue reading Update #2

Week 1 Update

A bit of a later update, but we’ve gotten a lot done. Highlights: Built a basic menu in the game Set up Unity cloud build Integrated PlayFab custom account login, currencies, and other player statistics Learned about anchor presets Learned about prefabs vs. instances Learned about Canvas Scalers Set up Singletons for game management Designed… Continue reading Week 1 Update

Week 0 Update

Every week, we chronicle the small steps we took in the journey to build a series of great multiplayer games. Kate is still in pharmacy school while I have a full time job, so our progress may not be as fast as some may expect. Highlights: Investigated Universal Rendering Pipeline I read about the pros… Continue reading Week 0 Update